Marsel Nichan, a versatile music composer who lives and works in Stockholm.
Marsel Nichan balances as a composer constantly between several cultural inspirations. In that sense, he is a period representative of a growing composer generation which are increasingly being influenced - impression / expression - from a multicultural society. For Marsel personally that complex diversity it´s not formed into separate incidents or decorative splashes of color, but rather a sort of artistic wholeness, an indivisible composite or alloy. Today's expansive soundscapes represents a treasure chest for his creation, a constant source of inspiration and renewal.
Marsel´s music has been played for e.g. in, Argentina, Armenia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Japan, Latvia, Spain, Germany and USA.

Marsel began his composition and theory studies at Växjö cultural school. Then he continued his studies in composition, theory, orchestration, conducting and arranging at Linnaeus University. He has also studied musicology (level D), EAM composition, Max/MSP at EMS and attended masterclasses in conducting. He often combines electronics with acoustic solo instrument but also writes larger ensemble and orchestral music. Marsel has a small indie-record label since 2012 and is chairman in the contemporary music association Media Artes.